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Monday, June 27, 2011

FREE budgeting software & tips

1.  This "Personal Finances" program is relatively user-friendly... and a free version is available.  (scroll to bottom of the page to see "free limited version")

2. this program replaces expired versions of Microsoft Money Plus

3. You can (somewhat easily) create your own spreadsheet if you know how to use Excel, or any other similar spreadsheet software that utilizes formulas. EXAMPLE: Add up income using the formula "= SUM(B2:B4)" with the sum highlighted in yellow in cell B5. Add up expenses using formula "=SUM(B8:B13)" highlighted in yellow in cell B14, and finally calculate the net earnings for the month using the formula "=(B5-B14)" shown in cell B16. This hypothetical budget is just for demonstrative purposes and of course would need to be altered to fit your own household income and expenses. I like to also make smaller "worksheets" using cells off to the side to calculate each expense category in an itemized list (see list for travel).

sample budgets made by me using Excel from Microsoft Office 2007


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