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Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Clean + Simple" Finesse hair products rebate

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I saw in Walgreens yesterday "Clean + Simple" Finesse conditioner, shampoo, and hairspray had rebate forms attached to them (you know the peel-off stickers attached to products sometimes, that are either rebate forms, or coupons?) The sticker said something like "try for free" - I just remember it saying the word "free" on it..but forgot the rest.

If you want to try this product but you can't find one with the rebate sticker on it, there is a rebate form on the Finesse website that will get you $2 back on ANY Finesse products

if you can not find the Clean + Simple products with the rebate to make it free, here is a rebate from Finesse for $2 back. CLICK HERE to get the $2 Finesse rebate form

CLICK HERE ---> for the Clean + Simple Finesse product info


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