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Friday, April 29, 2011

Today is Arbor Day :)

Today is Arbor Day- yay for trees!

Your local community may have events this weekend, including opportunities to volunteer to plant trees. Click here to read more about Arbor Day at 

Note: Because bamboo grows so quickly, it is a more sustainable woody plant than trees are. Bamboo is becoming more popular for manufacturing products such as for cutting boards, floors, etc...

If you are interested in finding out what type of trees are around your neighborhood, check out this link: Link to Online Tree Identification Guide

(this post was not sponsored by the aforementioned products, websites, or by trees.)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

FREE eyeglasses giveaway from Coastal Contacts; April 29th (9am CDT) to May 1

Labels: has another FREE eyeglasses promotion, starting on April 29th, 9 am (CDT).

There are a bunch of details about the offer that you can check out on their Facebook page by clicking on the following link... Coastal Contacts on Facebook

Here is a link directly to their website:

(p.s., this post was not sponsored by the aforementioned companies)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

food DISCOUNTS after holidays

The spring holidays are over... but we can continue celebrating because candy, food, and other such holiday-related items should now be on sale at ridiculously low prices.

So go get those "left- over" chocolate bunnies, jelly rings, and macaroons, and other assorted holiday yummies! (Unless your local store has already sold out, and in that case,'ll have to wait till next year)
Macaroons (Original price= $ 4.99, got for $ 1.25)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"buy one/ get one free" sales this week...

YAY- there are "buy one, get one free (b1/g1)" sales this week at the big drugstores.. It's great when the sales are easy- not like some of the sales of late where "it's like paying nothing" after you get back store credit to use on a future purchase...That only works if you are going to buy something there another time, and then it's just "pay for this item and get the previous item free." Too much planning involved, especially considering these store credit coupons tend to expire and have restrictions on certain items.

some of the b1/g1 sales @ Walgreens:  Apr 24- 30: (see store for details)
Softsoap 56 oz. - buy 1 @ $7.99; get 1 free
speed stick or lady speed stick- buy1/get1
Nature Made or Walgreens brand (vits. & suppl.) -buy1/get1
Colgate - buy1/get1
Schick Hydro -buy1/get1

While you are there, check out the half-price "sinful colors" nail polish, at only 99 cents.

some of the b1/g1 sales @ CVS:  Apr 24- 30: (see store for details)
CVS brand flash disposable camera - buy1/get1
Planters containers of nuts -buy1/get1
stackable chairs (the plastic patio chairs)- buy1/get1

CVS brand allergy meds 30 ct. (cetirizine or loratadine)- buy1/get1
CVS brand aspirin 100-300 ct.- buy1/get1
CVS brand vits. & suppl. -buy1/get1
Schick Hydro -buy1/get1

some of the b1/g1 sales @ Riteaid:  Apr 24- 30: (see store for details)
Riteaid brand pain acetaminophen, ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen -buy1/get1
Riteaid brand cetirizine or loratadine -buy1/get1
Pharmassure vits. & suppl. -buy1/get1
Planters nuts- buy1/get1
Bounty paper towels, palmolive dish soap, puffs tissues -buy1/get1
Nutri-Grain bars -buy1/get1
Sea Breeze facial cleanser -buy1/get1

(P.S.; This post was NOT sponsored by any of the aforementioned brands, products, or stores)

Friday, April 22, 2011

FREE tree giveway at Lowe's; Saturday 4/23/11

Lowe's (the home improvement store) is giving away one million trees tomorrow, Saturday April 23, 2011, in celebration of Earth Day. 

CLICK HERE for more info

I didn't see it on their website, so I'm curious to find out what type of tree they are giving out.. Let me know after you get one!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

FREE Starbucks coffee/ tea giveaway; Friday April 22 for Earth Day...bring your own mug

On Friday, April 22 , 2011, participating Starbucks stores will offer a free cup of coffee or tea (hot, or iced) if you bring in your own reusable travel mug or tumbler. This is to celebrate Earth Day.

If you do not own a travel mug, and/or do not want to purchase one at Starbucks (20% off travel mugs on Earth Day), you can still get a free drink if you ask to for it in a ceramic "for-here" cup.

Links below for more info:

Responsibility | Starbucks Coffee Company

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

now FREE @ "E Bay" to list 50 items per month

"e Bay" has updated its policies: Sellers will be able to list up to 50 items per month, auction-style, for FREE (if you don't have a store subscription). Sellers only pay a fee if the item sells.

This new policy starts April 19th, Pacific Time (CLICK HERE FOR OFFICIAL "e Bay" Time)

So go through your clothes, and books, and whatever else - see what you might want to sell.

Please CLICK HERE -----> FOR THE LINK to E Bay to find out more details. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Is this how to be an "extreme couponer??"

This says it is a website used by people on TLC's "extreme couponing" show... 

Unique Features:  you can create a shopping list that will "match up" items you choose with available printable coupons from the "redplum," or "smartsource" etc.. circulars.

Links below: 

 the "subscribe to" page

Take a look at this deal one reader got at his local supermarket... Two tropicana orange juices normally $5.79 each, and blue bunny ice cream sandwiches, were bought for 18 cents. Let's see if we can make sense (pun?) out of this. It looks like the sale and coupons combined is what led to this craziness.

Can anyone beat this? Post a comment if you have gotten similar (or better) deals!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

scan your CVS card @ the red machine in-store for extra coupons...

Maybe you have seen a huge red machine in CVS that looks like a price checker.. That is where you can scan your CVS extracare card for printed coupons.

I've heard there are people who go every day just to print the new coupons... I guess that's why the machine is always is out of paper.

For more info, and to watch a campy video, click the links below:


(P.S.; This post was NOT sponsored by any of the aforementioned brands, products, or stores)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

15% off @ Ann Taylor Loft (for teachers; year-round)

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If you are an educator, you can register at the "Loft Loves Teachers" site and print out a 15% off coupon. This is a re-usable coupon "pass" that can be used on in-store purchases at Ann Taylor Loft.

(Bring along school ID because some stores will ask to see it when you use the coupon).

Here is the link:

Friday, April 15, 2011

Free Aveda hand lotion (travel-size)

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FREE tube of hand lotion from Aveda (1.4 fl oz). Click the link below to get to the site for the printable coupon, and to check out the details.
If you have an Aveda store in your local shopping mall, and if they are participating in the offer, just bring in the coupon.

BTW, this offer expires June 30, 2011...

(P.S.; This post was NOT sponsored by any of the aforementioned brands, products, or stores)


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Free cone day @ Haagen-dazs Shops May 10th

May 10th (4-8 pm) is free cone day at participating Haagen-dazs Shops. Yay for free ice cream.

See the links below to get more info about the free cone offer, and to join the Haagen-dazs "ice cream social" to get emails about their future offers. Enjoy!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Super Plants Instead of Air Purifiers??

Ok, so this post is not exactly about getting a good deal, but in a way it sort of is. (Air purifiers are pricey; use cheap houseplants instead??)

Follow this link: SUPER PLANTS to read about how some plants can filter chemicals out of the air in your home. 

If you want to be extra thrifty: 

Some of these are common houseplants which grow easily when started from clippings. So ask your friends, neighbors, family, etc.. if they 1. have any of the plants on the list, and 2. would like to give you some clippings.

my philodenron clipping

(P.S.; This post was NOT sponsored by any of the aforementioned brands, products, or stores) 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

BJ's Wholesale Club: FREE 60- day trial membership

BJ's is offering a free 60-day trial membership (with 0% surcharge on purchases)..

Milk and eggs are cheap there, the deli counter is awesome, and if your local BJ's has a gas station then your wallet will be extra happy. You may even score a free veggie peeler or paring knife from (albeit infrequent) infomercial-type demos.

click here for the link to the BJ's 60-day trial coupon

When you get to the coupon, it says you must activate by 7/5/11...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

FREE 14- day Trial to

If you have been watching "Who Do You Think You Are?" on Friday nights (NBC), then you have seen how awesome genealogy can be. The show uses for access to records, and info... Knowing that many websites have free trials, I checked it out.

Here is the link for signing up for the trial. Just make sure to cancel before the 14 days are up if you want to avoid paying for a month.

(P.S.; This post was NOT sponsored by any of the aforementioned brands, products, or stores) 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Nature's Bounty vitamins B1/G1 sale

This can save you lots of $$..

Nature's Bounty vitamins are on sale this coming week 4/10- 4/16 "Buy One Get One Free" at Walgreens, CVS, and Duane Reade. (and Rite Aid is running B1/G1 for its own store brand vitamins).

The Nature's Bounty website even gives a $1 off coupon for signing up on their website. (Link posted below).

CVS circular says "mfr's coupons in most Sunday newspapers" so look out for that one too!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What is "Freecycle" ?

The "Freecycle" network ( ) is a free, online community where people give away items they no longer want, keeping it out of landfills. The concept is an awesome one- you can post a request for an item, or offer an item you want to give away. People offer clothes, housewares, books, exercise equipment, antiques, etc..

You join a group by location, so you are only dealing with people in your area. If you are interested in an advertised item, you write to the person through the Freecycle website to arrange a time for pickup. People generally will leave their give-aways outside their home (porch, driveway, etc) for pickup at a time that is convenient for the giver and taker. It is (mostly) anonymous as you are not meeting the person, but rather are picking the items up from outside, or leaving your offered items outside for pickup.

(Of course you need to be careful: i.e., don't go to a stranger's house late at night to pick up or drop off items, don't have people pick stuff up from your home if you are not comfortable giving out your address...) 

Most freecycle community groups do not allow free sales (come to my house at _____ street today and take whatever you want).. since that may bring several people to a home only to find nothing is left. Each group has different rules so make sure to read them when you start. 

Do you have a Freecycle story?? Leave a comment below!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

T L C show about coupons- people get hundreds of $$ worth of groceries for under 10 bucks?!

hey thrifties- Get ready for the "extreme couponing" show on T L C this Wednesday. It airs 9 pm, EST but check your local tv schedule.

I am not saying we should all stuff our basements full of canned food and paper products just because we have coupons (like people do on the show), but we can certainly do it on a smaller scale.
(i.e., "Um... extreme couponing??! ... looks oddly similar to the show about the hoarders...")

Anyway, do you have any "extreme couponing" stories of your own??? Please share!

Monday, April 4, 2011

LL Bean now offers free shipping- (no codes or coupons needed)

I don't how many people are also excited to find this out, but L.L. Bean now offers free shipping on all purchases, all the time. I just flipped through their clearance pages, seems you can get some good deals.