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Monday, June 20, 2011

Updated "rules of thrifty living" - by Gone Sale Racking

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Are you a thrifty shopper? Is there MORE that you can do to save $$? 
Lately a lot of people have been getting into "couponing" and searching for freebies and deals online... Blogging about this kind of stuff is growing in popularity as well. This seems to be a product of the slow economy and because high unemployment means people are home searching online for jobs and ways to save $$$$ to offset the loss of income. 
Many people have been thrifty shoppers their whole lives, and others are first exploring it now. Either way, it is a life-style based on priorities. It is not about hoarding free products, or accumulating lots of things just because you have a coupon and it's on sale- it is about getting what you need for the least amount of money with minimal time (and gas) spent. 

Here is a short quiz about thrifty living: (answer "yes" or "no")

  1. Do you head to the back of a store upon entering to look for the clearance racks?
  2. Do you clip coupons and try to use them when the items are on sale?
  3. Do you try to bring lunch & snacks to work/ school so you do not have to buy during the day?
  4. Do you have reusable mugs or water bottles to save money on buying water or coffee when you are out?
  5. Do you eat at home most days of the week, instead of going to restaurants?
  6. Do you have a family budget?
  7. If you go to the movies, do you go to a matinee and/or skip the pricey sodas and popcorn?
  8. Do you think it is unnecessary to always upgrade to the latest electronic devices (unless required by your job)?
  9. Do you think it is ok to wear "out-of-style" clothes from previous seasons (assuming it still fits and is in good condition)?
  10. Do you pay attention at the grocery store to only get things that are reasonably priced?
If you answered "yes" to 6 or more questions, then you are living thrifty! Keep up the good work. 


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