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Friday, June 24, 2011

Yummy Snack Recipe: Fresh Berries, Bananas, Sliced Almonds, Whipped Cream, Waffles...

I thought I'd share my idea for a quick, easy, and inexpensive snack.

I just finished eating this------->

To prepare this snack:
1. cut up some strawberries, and a banana.
2. top with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.
3. sprinkle on some sliced almonds.
4. take a photo of it to show people, and post online.
5. eat.

Alternative Recipe, I made on Memorial Day (note the patriotic colors...)
1. Toast some whole grain waffles (I used the ones from Trader Joes).
2. top with sliced banana and some strawberries.
3. top with whipped cream, sliced almonds, and blueberries.

I think this one is prettier than the first one, (if food can be considered pretty) and it is also more substantial because of the waffles. This also makes a yummy breakfast.


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