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Monday, April 18, 2011

Is this how to be an "extreme couponer??"

This says it is a website used by people on TLC's "extreme couponing" show... 

Unique Features:  you can create a shopping list that will "match up" items you choose with available printable coupons from the "redplum," or "smartsource" etc.. circulars.

Links below: 

 the "subscribe to" page

Take a look at this deal one reader got at his local supermarket... Two tropicana orange juices normally $5.79 each, and blue bunny ice cream sandwiches, were bought for 18 cents. Let's see if we can make sense (pun?) out of this. It looks like the sale and coupons combined is what led to this craziness.

Can anyone beat this? Post a comment if you have gotten similar (or better) deals!


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