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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"buy one/ get one free" sales this week...

YAY- there are "buy one, get one free (b1/g1)" sales this week at the big drugstores.. It's great when the sales are easy- not like some of the sales of late where "it's like paying nothing" after you get back store credit to use on a future purchase...That only works if you are going to buy something there another time, and then it's just "pay for this item and get the previous item free." Too much planning involved, especially considering these store credit coupons tend to expire and have restrictions on certain items.

some of the b1/g1 sales @ Walgreens:  Apr 24- 30: (see store for details)
Softsoap 56 oz. - buy 1 @ $7.99; get 1 free
speed stick or lady speed stick- buy1/get1
Nature Made or Walgreens brand (vits. & suppl.) -buy1/get1
Colgate - buy1/get1
Schick Hydro -buy1/get1

While you are there, check out the half-price "sinful colors" nail polish, at only 99 cents.

some of the b1/g1 sales @ CVS:  Apr 24- 30: (see store for details)
CVS brand flash disposable camera - buy1/get1
Planters containers of nuts -buy1/get1
stackable chairs (the plastic patio chairs)- buy1/get1

CVS brand allergy meds 30 ct. (cetirizine or loratadine)- buy1/get1
CVS brand aspirin 100-300 ct.- buy1/get1
CVS brand vits. & suppl. -buy1/get1
Schick Hydro -buy1/get1

some of the b1/g1 sales @ Riteaid:  Apr 24- 30: (see store for details)
Riteaid brand pain acetaminophen, ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen -buy1/get1
Riteaid brand cetirizine or loratadine -buy1/get1
Pharmassure vits. & suppl. -buy1/get1
Planters nuts- buy1/get1
Bounty paper towels, palmolive dish soap, puffs tissues -buy1/get1
Nutri-Grain bars -buy1/get1
Sea Breeze facial cleanser -buy1/get1

(P.S.; This post was NOT sponsored by any of the aforementioned brands, products, or stores)


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