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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What is "Freecycle" ?

The "Freecycle" network ( ) is a free, online community where people give away items they no longer want, keeping it out of landfills. The concept is an awesome one- you can post a request for an item, or offer an item you want to give away. People offer clothes, housewares, books, exercise equipment, antiques, etc..

You join a group by location, so you are only dealing with people in your area. If you are interested in an advertised item, you write to the person through the Freecycle website to arrange a time for pickup. People generally will leave their give-aways outside their home (porch, driveway, etc) for pickup at a time that is convenient for the giver and taker. It is (mostly) anonymous as you are not meeting the person, but rather are picking the items up from outside, or leaving your offered items outside for pickup.

(Of course you need to be careful: i.e., don't go to a stranger's house late at night to pick up or drop off items, don't have people pick stuff up from your home if you are not comfortable giving out your address...) 

Most freecycle community groups do not allow free sales (come to my house at _____ street today and take whatever you want).. since that may bring several people to a home only to find nothing is left. Each group has different rules so make sure to read them when you start. 

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