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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hurricane Irene & How I got Free Refills @ Starbucks

I am back from my brief hurricane hiatus :)

It's been a crazy week, meteorologically speaking, thanks to Hurricane Irene. The electricity is finally back for most people.. the reassuring humming sound of the most important household appliance, the refrigerator, can be heard among the crickets and other miscellaneous nighttime critters.

It is nice to see the return of luxurious modern-day technology such as washing machines, and coffee makers.. not to mention the best of all- the LIGHT BULB.
Good luck to all those who are still in the dark.

BTW- If you purchase a drink @ Starbucks with a registered gift card, you can get free refills of tea & coffee (hot/cold) if you stay in-store. Since I needed to get some things done which required internet and electric outlets, I hung out at the nice air-conditioned refuge of Starbucks yesterday (with many other electricity-hungry patrons and their computers, tablets, etc)...I bought a shaken iced-tea, in my own mug (10 cent discount right there), and then got a tea refill, then tea lemonade, then 2 flavored coffees, all were considered free refills (confirmed by the cash register which said I owed ZERO $$).. Well, they do have pricey sandwiches.. so it wasn't a completely thrifty visit. (Oh- if you don't have a registered gift card, I think they said it would have been something like 50 cents for refills, don't quote me on that, find out at your local store.)


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