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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Buy One Get One Free" and "FREE" @ drug stores this week:

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This is a brief summary of the items on sale for buy one get one free this week at the local pharmacies that you may want to stock up on. Rite Aid:
Purex laundry detergent
select Arm & Hammer products
select Rite Aid brand Allergy meds
Lay's potato chips
Kellogg's cereal
Prevacid is FREE after coupon + rebate form (both from this past Sunday's paper)
Rite Aid one-time-use cameras/ hearing aid batteries
Finish detergent/ Jet Dry/ Renuzit
Rite Aid pain meds

also--Prevacid is FREE after coupon + rebate form (both from this past Sunday's paper)
Softsoap liquid soap refills (56 oz.)/ hand soap in the pump (7.5 or 8.5 oz)
Dial (8 pack bars/ body wash 16 or 18 oz.)
Irish Spring (3 pack bars)
assorted Nature Maid Heart Health supplements
Finest Natural vitamins and supplements
Blue Diamond Almonds

Nature's Bounty
Hormel or Simply Asia meals
Absolutely Divine chocolate bars
Kodak HD power flash camera
Tone or Right Guard body wash
CVS brand pain relief or sleep aid
CVS brand calcium supplements, or multi vitamins
DiGiorno 12" pizzas
23 oz. Arizona beverages
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