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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Free stuff from Influenster- Next Step Vitamin Shoppe Shaker

Labels: is a website that sends you complimentary products relevant to your life to try out and then share you thoughts on social media. 
I recently received the #GoVoxBox, full of complimentary products to review. Here is the first product: Vitamin Shoppe Next Step 20 ounce shaker. It comes with a small jack-shaped plastic mixer in it which you can remove. I put a smoothie in it that I made in a blender. (I used a straw in the photo, but it doesn't come with the bottle)

I like the shape of the bottle, and the cover closes well (does not seem to leak). There is a handle, and measurements on the side. The bottle fits in my car's cupholder.  

The main purpose of the bottle is to put powdered protein in it, and mix it up with the jack inside. I have not tried it that way. 

Thanks Influenster and Vitamin Shoppe! @VitaminShoppe / #NextStep

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