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Monday, December 30, 2013

Department Store WINTER Discounts: What is the best month to shop?

Department stores usually start bringing in spring clothes and swimwear in the next few weeks (perhaps in preparation for President's Day vacationers and winter cruisers to warmer locales?) They will start clearing out the winter clothes with great discounts. Discounts are more drastic if the December holiday shopping was less than successful.
Time to stock up on winter boots, sweaters, and flannel PJ's!! 
Extra Tips: 
1. Shop for winter stuff in January if you really need something but you want to pay less. 

2.  Wait until February or March if you don't really need anything but you want to browse to see what deals are out there. You probably won't find much in your size but the prices should be even lower. Last year I got fleece lined ankle-high suede boots at BASS for about $15.. (I think they were 80% off). I lucked out b/c they only had one pair in the store, and it happened to be my size.
Of course, this is all just my opinion. You do not have to listen. If you have a different opinion, or want to leave a comment, please leave one in the comment section below! 
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