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Friday, February 24, 2012

Save at when you reserve online

Save at on rental vehicles when you reserve online 

Yesterday, I had to rent a small truck to move some stuff. We ended up paying $14.99 for a truck that normally goes for $19.99 and were charged a discounted fee per mile too. 

Funny story actually, when we got to the Budget rental place, they told us that the price we saw on their website was only if you book online. We did not know that, and had not booked it beforehand. So my first question was "Do you have internet we can borrow??" not seriously, of course. When the lady working there said "no, I only have internet on my i-phone," I asked (again, half kidding) "can we borrow your phone?" She said YES! haha so we made the reservation for the budget truck using her i-phone. Got a nice discount. :) 


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