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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Clearance challenge: outfits under $30? Winter Clearance Time :)

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Attention Thrifties:
Winter clothes should be going on clearance soon. The beginning of January can be a great time to find deals on sweaters, winter coats, etc.. since it is after the holiday rush.

Expect that the color or size choices may be limited at this point in the season- but hey, if you can get a $50 sweater for $10 dollars then the search may be worth it.

The malls and department stores may get packed for a couple days now with people returning and/or exchanging holiday gifts they recently received. So I like to wait until the "return-rush," dissipates and then check out the sales. Pay attention to the original price of what you buy vs what you actually pay and enjoy the savings! 

Clearance Challenge- Can you find a nice outfit that costs under $30 in total? Can't do it? Try $40...


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