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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cheapie- Fancy Coffee Drinks

If you were to add up what you spend on coffee drinks (lattes, cappuccinos, assorted frozen coffee concoctions..) you may be surprised... Figure each costs $3 ?? I think that's a fair assumption. Come up with a rough estimate of the monthly or annual cost, and then check out this recipe for a cheapie alternative: NOTE- there are no precise measurements here because it is "to taste."

1. Use coffee or espresso. (I use espresso because for some odd reason I only like espresso and not regular coffee. I prefer decaf Medaglia D'Oro, and have found it on sale occasionally @ the local supermarkets for about $4 and change for a pound which lasts a while.)
 2. Sprinkle cinnamon in the coffee grinds before brewing. OR a little bit of cocoa powder.
3. brew as usual
4. In a blender, add a handful of ice cubes, pour in some coffee or espresso. Add either milk, soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk.. Now blend it all. 
5. If you skip the cinnamon or cocoa, you can try flavored coffee creamer or syrup. 
6." Do you want whipped cream with that?"
7. Get a thick straw that can accommodate this lovely blend of coffee and iciness, and enjoy.

More fancy- shmancy drink ideas: 
1) blend coffee, ice, milk, banana.  
2) Want it coffee-less?: Blend chocolate syrup, milk and ice for icy chocolate milk

Have any more ideas for cheapy fancy drinks?? Leave a comment below!


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