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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Inexpensive Frozen Yogurt @ home: Also FREE printable Yoplait yogurt coupon

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Just thought I'd share since I am enjoying this yummy frozen snack and happened to have a camera handy...

I stocked up on yogurt during recent sales on "La Yogurt" so now I am wondering if I bought too many. Can I possibly eat them all before they expire? 

So I put a few in the freezer and now I can have fro-yo anytime. Such as right now. This is Key Lime flavor. Also good frozen: coffee, vanilla, chocolate... 
It will be frozen solid, so use a spoon that can handle the initial scraping, without bending!

Want a printable coupon available for Yoplait?..Just follow these easy directions:

1. click on this link. ---->   Print Free Coupons
2. click on "foods" on the category list on the left side of the website.
3. look for the "$40 cents off six Yoplait" coupon and check off the box to "clip." (Some supermarkets may double this coupon; see your local store for details).
4. "print"
5. Share this post with your friends ;)
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